New, fit-for-purpose high-tech solutions are key to relieving this dependence and to secure sufficient food supply to the ever growing world population. RoboCrops2020 is the first international event to accelerate this movement.

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RoboCrops 2020 is the first edition of an annual event where global leaders in greenhouse horticulture and the high-tech community meet to discuss real-life challenges and potential high-tech solutions. Growers, tech companies and students will be challenged to the limit in the extensive programme packed with hackathons, informative sessions and matchmaking which are taking place simultaneously at World Horti Center in Naaldwijk/Westland and RoboHouse/TU in Delft.

The most advanced and most productive community of greenhouse growers in the world is leading the industry into a new era. Scarcity of resources such as skilled labor, water and energy is pushing the greenhouse community to minimize its dependence on these resources.

Three parts

The aim of RoboCrops is to speed up the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture. RoboCrops therefore focuses on both the hardware (sensors, robot arms, grippers, autonomous vehicles) and the decision- supporting software required to control the robots. RoboCrops classifies robots or robot components into three solution area's:


Sensors with which the robot observes the environment


processing the data from sensors, often using Artificial Intelligence / Augmented Reality


Performing an action, such as cutting leaves or picking vegetables or cut flowers

Growers, tech companies and students

23 April: update latest developments in robotics

Growers and other interested people can attend a programme at World Horti Center on 23 April which will provide them with anextensive and in-depth presentation of the latest developments in robotics for greenhouse horticulture.

24 April: technical possibilities and challenges

Tech companies, universities and other interested people will be able to experience and discuss what the technical possibilities and challenges are at World Horti Center on 24 April.

Both days: students - hackathon

On both days students will be working in RoboHouse in Delft during a major hackathon organised by TU Delft and WUR. During that hackathon they will apply their expertise to various actual challenges, and thereby help accelerate developments in the field of robotics. On 24 April they will be pitching their hacks to a professional jury at World Horti Center.

The programme also offers opportunities for matchmaking between different parties on both days.

More details about the program, matchmaking and keynotes will follow as soon as possible.



RoboCrops is an initiative by InnovationQuarter, Province of Zuid-Holland, World Horti Center, TU Delft and RoboHouse Delft.