Think. Code. Feed the world.
Harvesting technology to feed the world.

The Robocrops platform facilitates a global community of advanced greenhouse growers and high-tech companies, collaborating on solutions to lead the horticultural industry into a new era.

Much experimentation, demo testing and innovative crossover solutions are being developed. ‘Robotics’ innovations and solutions illustrate the state-of-the-art tech developments in greenhouse horticulture. Be it sensoring, robotics, data or artificial intelligence.

To develop al this technology we need you, students of all levels to help us in this quest!

We would like to invite you to participate in the RoboCrops Hackathon in Tomatoworld on November 8&9 2023.

During the hackathon students will work towards solutions that help growers to solve their manual labour problems. This will be done under the mentorship of a greenhouse grower, robotics engineers and business developers.

The hackathon focuses on both the technical challenges (robotics, AI, control systems as well as the business development side of these solutions.

To help prepare for this hackathon we are organizing several information sessions to showcase the problem, tell you about the high tech industry the horticulture really is.